© Adam Riley

Paris Street Photography – Spotlight – Adam Riley

© Adam Riley

© Adam Riley

What was your approach to this image?

Stephen and I were wondering around the Les Halles area of Paris, I noticed the lady on the phone a few meters further along the pathway, and was struck by her pose. The young guy on the wall was in a very similar position, and I knew the mirrored body shapes would make a great image. I prayed he would hold his position as I approached, knowing I had to be parallel to them for the shot to work.

Shooting with my Leica M6, I was using zone focus, so I didn’t have to worry about AF failing me. I quickly raised the viewfinder to my eye as I walked past, shot the frame, and continued on my way. When my film came back, I was very happy I had captured the shot as envisioned.

Would you approach the scene differently next time?

My approach would be the same, but I wish I had a sharper lens. I was using a 35mm voigtlander, when compared to Nick’s Summicron, it was leagues apart!

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