© Alexis Jaworski

Paris Street Photography – Spotlight – Alexis Jaworski

© Alexis Jaworski

© Alexis Jaworski

Les Jambes de Paris

There are many ways to shoot street photography. Some people prefer to wait for something to happen once they have identified a backdrop or light, some prefer to keep walking and see what appears in front of them.

For me, street photography is a combination of the above, I just see what the environment has to offer and the mood that I am in and then I just let myself go with whatever I feel like doing. Being in Paris, I was hoping to get a shot representing Paris, even though I wasn’t sure what that would be or what it would look like.

Where was this shot taken?

This image was captured at the Louvre. I spotted this area and I really liked the quality of light and the hustle and bustle surrounding this area.

What was your thought process?

I was really just observing and waiting for something interesting to happen. People would stop to smoke a cigarette; a lady would draw a picture.

At one stage, a photographer positioned a model in that area. As the model was changing into high heels and getting into a pose, I captured this shot. I like the position of the legs and I decided to crop in camera the top of the model. I feel it adds to the mystery of the image – the stairs and light leading your eye. It feels very Parisian to me, symbolising fashion and beauty.

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