© Matt Tyler

Paris Street Photography – Spotlight – Matt Tyler

© Matt Tyler

© Matt Tyler

Where was this taken?

Somewhere in the depths of Paris on our first collective trip in 2013.

What was your thought process?

My thought process was fairly simple for this shot, as it is for most of my street photography. I consider myself to be a reactive photographer, grabbing things as I see them, rather than sitting and waiting in the same spot anticipating something about to happen.

That’s exactly what happened here. I was walking around the arty east side of Paris with Nick, pondering where to go for lunch and a swift glass or two of vino., when I saw this guy come out of the bar he was in. I immediately noticed the similarity between what he was wearing and the poster on the wall to the right of the photo. All the elements just fell into place and I took one shot on my x100 as we walked by and that was that.

Would you approach the scene differently next time?

I wouldn’t approach this scene any differently, purely because it all happened very quickly. I think if I’d stood still for too long he would have noticed me and the moment would have passed.

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